Powerful MIDI sender and effect apps for Audiobus 3

Midiflow for Audiobus 3 comes in a set of independent MIDI apps that can be interconnected in various ways. Get the bundle for $8.99.

MIDI Senders

Sender apps generate MIDI data and let you control other synth apps or external MIDI devices in the Audiobus system

MIDI Effects

Effect apps modify MIDI data coming from other apps or external MIDI devices and allow for interesting effects and advanced performances

MIDI Tools

These tools come in handy if you want to visualize MIDI data for debugging or if you want to connect Core MIDI apps to Audiobus

Getting started

This video gives you a quick introduction to MIDI in Audiobus 3 and shows what you can do with the new Midiflow for Audiobus apps.

Bundle Options

Midiflow MIDI apps for Audiobus bring the most to your experience when used in combination. Choose a bundle and save money.

Midiflow for Audiobus 3
Midiflow Key Effects for Audiobus 3
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